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WM-KZ1000 Full Servo Hi-Speed Mask Machine (Mask Size Can be Adjustable)

Short Description:

Machine size:10mx2mx2.2m(for reference only)
Design speed:1000 pcs/minute
Stable work speed: 600 pcs minute
Rejection rate: s3% (excluding scrap caused by hot melt, materialssplicing or joint)
Efficlancy: 90%
Powersource: 380v,50HZ (3 phase , 4 lines+ground wire)
Machine capacity: 30kW approximately
Air pressure:0.6-0.3 Mpa
Machine weight: 8 Tons approximately

Product Detail

Product Tags


1, The machine can produce 1-4 layers of mask . Specification adjustable, can produce 125.180mmlong.80-110mm wide mask , mask thinckness adjustment within a certain range., the length ofnon+standard mask. Can produce single,double ear line mask, the wrapping rubber band is placedin the conveyor beit bou , the rubber band at both ends of the mask is automatically transported and cut,and the welding is firm, the machine can fimish the point at one time.the equipment hashigh output low reject rate, easy to operate, and the appearance is made of aluminum alloy.

2.The mask is output by the conveyor bet the speed is adjustment the mask is neat. the product quality us stable, the operation is convenient, and the production efficlency is high.

3.All aluminum profile machine clean and beautiful, no welding. no painting. Man-machine interface touch-screen control , built-in time , total output set the number of automatic alarm and shutdown,digital keys to adjust the sepeed of elip.

4.The mask sealing very strong , superior performance, high - speed tapping.internal spot welding with edge.

Product Quality:

The company has set up a special quality inspection agency to strictly implement 100% inspection for each processing link, components and accessories, so as to meet the requirements of corporate standards and ensure the stability of product quality. Since its establishment, the products delivered by the company have met the majority of users. The quality requirements.

Professional technical team:

We have a professional after-sales technical team and excellent after-sales technical support. Our technical personnel responsible for installation are all experienced for many years to ensure that your equipment is successfully started up in the local country. At the same time, we also provide production and equipment technical personnel support, to the greatest extent Simplify the various difficulties you encounter when setting up a factory.

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