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WM-LLK500 Full Servo Baby Pull-up Pants Production Line

Short Description:

Machine size:35mx6mx2.35m(for reference only)
Design speed:600 pcs/minut
Stable work speed:500 pcs minute
Rejection rate: S3% (excluding scrap caused by hot melt, materialssplicing or joint)
Efficiency: 85%
Power source:380V,50HZ (3 phase , 4 lines+ground wire)
Machine capacity: 400KW approximately
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Machine weight: 100 Tons approximately

Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical characteristics

Product structure: upper and lower toilet paper or dust-free paper, cotton core (SAP mixed), surface non-woven fabric, conductive non-woven fabric, side leakage non-woven fabric, bottom film, waist non-woven fabric, color picture stickers, discarded stickers .
Product specifications: M, L, XL, XXL four specifications (can be designed according to customer product size).
Control system: PLC control, touch screen operation man-machine interface, LED damage alarm interface.
Tension system: equipped with tension unwinding system, constant tension control and storage mechanism, material correction system. This set of constant tension system ensures stable material receiving at full speed, minimizes the impact of material tension and reduces the number of shutdowns.
Transmission system: It adopts full servo drive and digital number changing, which is convenient and quick. The timing belt and flat belt are all imported, and the key parts are all imported bearings.
Safety system: The operation surface is equipped with safety protection devices and safety signs, and each section is equipped with an emergency stop switch, and the rear transmission is equipped with a heat dissipation system and a safety cable.
Correction system: adopts the correction system of an internationally renowned brand.



Baby pull-up pants

Product introduction:

This is an improved pull-up pants on the basis of the ordinary baby pull-up pants, mainly adding the waistline online composite process.
Product advantages: The waist is larger and more comfortable, and the online compound function of the waist and magic hook reduces the purchase cost.
Applicable market: domestic mainstream market and foreign trade market
Machine operation: The machine has low difficulty in operation, high degree of automation, mature equipment technology, and high-speed production.

Raw material list


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