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WM-CD300-Full servo medical mattress machine, pet mattress machine

Short Description:

Machine size:23mx3.8mx2.35m(for reference only)
Design speed:400 pcs/minute
Stable work speed: 200-300 pcs minute
Rejection rate: s3% (excluding scrap caused by hot melt, materials splicing or joint)
Efficiency: 90%
Power source: 380V,50HZ (3 phase , 4 lines+ground wire)
Machine capacity: 180KW approximately
Air pressure; 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Machine weight: 90 Tons approximately

Product Detail

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Product structure: cotton pulp macromolecule wrapped in lower toilet paper, surface layer. bottom film, middle paper

Produce size: (Customized according to customer requirement )

Control system: PLC programming control, HMl operation, LED digital display graphic digital control.

Tension system: This constant tension system, constant control with material storage mechanism, material correction system. This constant tension system ensures the connection at full speed material stability. To minimize the impact of material tension. reduce the number of downtime.

Drive system: full servo drive, digital size change. ensure run synchronously at full process Synchronous belt and flat belt are imported, imported quality brand. Imported bearing use in key position.

Safety system: safety guard installed at the operating sign, with security identifier emergency stop switch at per segment, Driven sideis equipped with the radiator system and safety pull wire


In order to prevent the manufacturer from stopping production for some reason and causing untimely supply and to ensure the timely supply of each component, we contact a number of competent suppliers and establish strategic partnerships. To ensure the complete quantity and quality of each batch of our parts.

Carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with international and domestic suppliers, improve ourselves and serve others in exchanges and cooperation, and formulate reasonable plans for improving the stability and humanization of automated production lines.

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