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There is a shortage of tampons in America. Why is this so? Thailand Sanitary napkin machinery

There is a shortage of tampons in America. Why is this so? Thailand Sanitary napkin machinery
The shortage of tampons has put pressure on consumers all over the United States, which is the result of the same force that plagues the global economy-from soaring raw material and fuel costs to labor shortages and troubled supply chains-and experts say that there are few signs of relief at present.
In the drugstore aisle, group chat and social media, there is a lot of discussion about the frustration of menstrual product search. Menstruation products are a necessity for half of the population in the United States, but in most states, this part of the population is not assisted by the federal government, and there is no tax exemption. The prices of tampons and sanitary napkins soared in the crisis, at a time when historic inflation is causing families to pay more for gasoline, groceries and other necessities.Thailand Sanitary napkin machinery


Karyn Boosin Leit, chairman of the board of directors of the Inter-faith Food Distribution Agency, said that the New Jersey-based organization provided food to 600 families every week, and also distributed menstrual products twice a month. There were “some customers who came to me in tears and said they were menstruating and asked me what I could do to help them.”
She hopes that more people will understand that menstruation is “a physiological process” and these products should be everywhere. “If not, people can’t live normally.”Thailand Sanitary napkin machinery
Elise Joy, co-founder and executive director of Girls Helping Girls with Menstruation, said that she first saw signs of a shortage of menstrual products in early spring, when several organizations began to ask her if her organization could provide them with menstrual products. By April, she had been receiving phone calls and emails from some organizations, which also donated to those who couldn’t afford tampons and sanitary napkins, asking her to fill the supply gap.Thailand Sanitary napkin machinery

Joy hasn’t turned anyone down yet, but she’s not sure how long she can last. Even her business partners are struggling.

Joey told the Washington Post: “I can see that the supply in the warehouse is decreasing. Considering my existing supply, we are in good condition at present and in the next few months, but I don’t know what will happen in autumn. ”
The data on the shortage is incomplete, but the shortage and inflation have been reflected in the price increase: NielsenIQ shows that the average cost of a pack of tampons has increased by nearly 10% in the past year, while the price of a pack of sanitary napkins has increased by 8.3%.

Post time: Jun-21-2022