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The aunt’s towel invented in Japan is selling well? Do men also use aunt towel?Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

The aunt’s towel invented in Japan is selling well? Do men also use aunt towel?Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery


Introduction: Sanitary napkins are a necessary daily necessities for women. Some netizens once said that when various products are discounted during the shopping festival, you can not buy other products. Sanitary napkins must be stocked. It can be said that sanitary napkins occupy an absolutely important position in women’s lives.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

The world is full of wonders. As a women’s exclusive item, sanitary napkins have appeared in Japan as “men’s” styles. As soon as this news came out, it aroused the curiosity of the majority of netizens. Men are not like women. They have periods every month. What are these men’s sanitary napkins for?

In fact, men’s “sanitary napkins” are not a new product. In Japan, they have been on the shelves for a long time. Men’s “sanitary napkins” were originally designed to facilitate the elderly.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

The aging of Japan is very serious, and many elderly people live alone without the care of their relatives and children. Elderly and frail, they are afraid of incontinence when going out during the day, and it is very inconvenient and dangerous to get up at night. Therefore, Kao Company has improved the “sanitary napkin” suitable for the elderly by using the strong water absorption of sanitary napkins.

Many people don’t think so. Isn’t this “adult diaper”? Diapers are still relatively inconvenient to wear. It is difficult for adults to wear diapers for babies, and even unskilled people find it difficult, let alone for elderly people with limited mobility to wear them by themselves. The use of sanitary napkins is much more convenient and more suitable than diapers.

However, when “men’s sanitary napkins” were first launched, they were not popular with the public. On the one hand, they questioned the capacity problem, and on the other hand, they were afraid of side leakage. In response to the public’s doubts, Kao has made several improvements to the “men’s sanitary napkin”, and finally launched a sanitary napkin that can absorb large flow and is small and portable, which has won the favor of the public.

In Japan, “men’s sanitary napkins” are not only for the elderly, but also supported by some young men. The user group of this special product is still very wide.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

1. People who love cleanliness

A foreign netizen once made a metaphor that after a man urinates, part of the urine will remain in the “pipe”, just like the water pipe when watering flowers, even if the faucet is turned off, there will still be water in the pipe, and it is not “” “Shake it off” will get it clean, and it will slowly flow out over time and get onto the panties.

After a long time, it will produce peculiar smell, which is unbearable for people who love cleanliness. A piece of sanitary napkin is attached, which can absorb the residual urine very well, and it can be kept clean and hygienic by changing it regularly, and there will be no peculiar smell.

2. Patients with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common symptom, people are more or less troubled, but the severity is different. If the hemorrhoids are severe, they can burst during walking, oozing blood and pus, which can be embarrassing if they get on your pants. Putting on a sanitary napkin can solve this problem and avoid the probability of making a fool of yourself in the crowd.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

3. Patients with urinary incontinence

Men will have problems with the prostate. If there is a problem, it will also cause urinary incontinence, just like the symptoms that occur when the pelvic floor muscles are weak in women. For such people, sanitary napkins are also essential.

In addition, “men’s sanitary napkins” are also popular with adolescent boys and sedentary professionals. Adolescent boys have nocturnal emission. Putting on sanitary napkins can avoid changing underwear twice a day. For sedentary occupations, such as long-distance freight drivers, this sanitary napkin is even more good news, and there is no need to have no service anymore. When I was in the zone, I “played wild”.

There are also various styles of “men’s sanitary napkins” on the market, which are slightly different from those used by women in design. The focus is on the front half, and the shape is wider at the front, and the more you get back, the more you retract. narrow.

my country has also introduced “men’s sanitary napkins”, but it is not as popular as it is in Japan. In the survey of public willingness, many men said that they had never heard of it, but most men did not show rejection and said they could give it a try.

In fact, before this product came out, men used sanitary napkins, but they just used sanitary napkins to absorb sweat.

Some netizens once revealed that they used “artifacts” during military training to avoid excessive sweating and whitening and peeling of the feet. This “artifact” is the sanitary napkin. They cleverly put it into the shoes, and the effect of absorbing sweat is surprisingly good! There are also some takeaway riders who put sanitary pads in their helmets. As long as they are replaced diligently, they can keep their heads dry throughout the day even in hot weather.

As for the prospect of “men’s sanitary napkins” in our country, we can look forward to it, but men should pay attention to replacing them when they use them. After all, it is easy to breed bacteria if they cover their private positions for a long time.

Conclusion: A small number of people said that women’s special items are designed for men, which will make users feel uncomfortable and feel “mother’s”. In fact, a product is designed to provide convenience to people’s lives, and there is no need to reject it because of preconceived prejudices. What’s more, as a common daily necessities, sanitary napkins are not discriminated against by gender. There is no need to label them. As long as they can benefit the public, they are good products.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

Post time: Aug-11-2022