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I never thought that expired sanitary napkins can still be used like this.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

I never thought that expired sanitary napkins can still be used like this.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery


Expired sanitary napkins are likely to contain mold, which is likely to harm women’s health. If you throw them away and feel wasteful, what should you do? Then it can also bring you unexpected magical effects.

1. It can be used as a seat cushion when riding outdoors

Riding a car for a long distance, your ass may be worn out! This kind of embarrassing thing has happened to many friends who have traveled by bicycle. Sticking a few pieces of sanitary napkins can only turn the hard seat into a comfortable soft seat, which is very practical.

The butt does not hurt, and the inner thigh may also be bruised. You can stick one on each side of the inner thigh, and where it hurts, it is very good!

2. As a sole on the go

Soft, comfortable and breathable, walking thousands of kilometers a day does not hurt or stink! The aunt’s towel is recommended to use wings with high comfort.

3. Put it on hats and clothes to absorb sweat

Cute girls will wear sun hats when they go out in summer. They are prone to sweating. Please don’t worry. Put sanitary napkins in the clothes and hats to absorb sweat and not see. The light and thin daily use type is hard to find!

4. Put it in your shoes as a desiccant

Sanitary napkins are simply an outdoor artifact. When you sleep outdoors, if you walk for a day, there will be a lot of moisture in the shoes. If you leave the shoes for another night, you will find that the shoes will become wet the next day and can’t be worn. Put it in the shoes at night. Zhang Sanitary Pad, when you wake up the next day, your shoes will be dry, isn’t it very convenient?

5. Can be used as an emergency puff

Is there a puff for makeup painted outdoors? Quickly take out the sanitary napkin and fold the sticky side. The middle layer can be used as a puff to cover everything.

6. Can be used as a cooling artifact

What should I do if I suddenly have a fever while camping outdoors! It can be soaked in sanitary napkins with cold water, and a new type of heat-reducing patch has appeared!

7. Can be used as a hemostatic patch when injured

What if you are injured and bleed on an outdoor trip? Don’t panic, use a sanitary napkin to stop the bleeding, but it should not be used for a long time, because the sanitary napkin has a strong blood-sucking ability. If you find that the bleeding has stopped, take it away immediately.

Post time: Aug-04-2022