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How much does the baby know about “fart food”? Iran sanitary napkin machinery

How much does the baby know about “fart food”? Iran sanitary napkin machinery

Now babies use diapers, which is convenient on the one hand and saves the trouble of urinating back and forth on the other. How much do mothers know about diapers? Iran sanitary napkin machinery

How to use diapers
First, spread out the diapers and put them under the baby’s buttocks. Pay attention to placing the back slightly higher than the abdomen. Then, pull the diapers in the two legs up to the navel and stick the Velcro on both sides firmly. In this way, urine can be more effectively prevented from leaking out from the back of the butt. However, before putting on the diapers for the baby, the mothers should use their hands to smooth the leakage proof side edges of the folded parts of the diapers and make the leakage proof side edges stand up, so as to effectively prevent side leakage. Iran baby diaper machine


How to choose diaper machinery You can choose Quanzhou Womeng Breathing Baby Diaper Machinery. Womeng Breathing Baby Diaper is a medical-grade diaper machinery certified by Zhongwei Security. The raw materials are all from the world’s top 500 suppliers. In order to avoid potential safety hazards during the transportation of raw materials, before entering the production workshop, all raw materials are uniformly sterilized by 3600s ultraviolet secondary disinfection, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%! Protect the health of your baby’s buttocks. Iran sanitary napkin machinery


Post time: Dec-28-2022