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Adult diaper market key turning point 6000 elderly e-commerce data interpretation of three major trends in the industry, adult diaper machinery

Adult diaper market key turning point 6000 elderly e-commerce data interpretation of three major trends in the industry, adult diaper machinery

AgeClub deeply focuses on the innovation and transformation of the elderly consumer market. In the process of comprehensive research on China’s elderly consumer market, we found that adult diapers with the elderly as the main target group are rarely concerned by the public, and it seems to the outside world to be a traditional and unimaginative subdivision.


In fact, with the rapid development of the global aging trend, the adult diaper market is becoming larger and larger, and the declining birthrate has led to the decline of the infant diaper market.

For example, in 2017, the total sales volume of adult incontinence products in Japan was 7.835 billion pieces, an increase of 21% over 2013, and the market size exceeded RMB 10 billion; From 2015 to 2020, the sales of adult diapers in the United States will increase by 48%, only 2.6% compared with the sales of baby diapers.

With the acceleration of China’s aging society and the general trend of China’s household consumption upgrading, the market space, competition pattern, marketing channels, product forms, user needs and other aspects of China’s adult diaper industry are changing rapidly.

AgeClub counted 6,000 online e-commerce consumption data of adult diapers in June, 2019, and combined with various methods such as industry data, comparison between China and Japan, patent analysis, foreign cases, etc., made an in-depth analysis of China’s adult diaper industry, and formed “Deconstructing the Senior Consumer Market Series Data Report: 6,000 e-commerce data reveal the eve of China’s adult diaper qualitative change”.adult diaper machinery

Here are three key points of this report:

Core Viewpoint 1: The market space of adult diapers is rapidly opening up, and the compound growth rate in the past six years has far exceeded that of women and baby products. In the next 3-5 years, the market size of adult diapers will be 2.9-6.5 times that of 2017, and listed companies such as Hengan International and Vida Paper are closely laying out;adult diaper machinery

Core point 2: E-commerce channel is rising rapidly, and it has become the brand with the highest online sales reliably. Moreover, consumer demand and purchasing power have been significantly upgraded, and they are no longer only concerned with low prices, and are willing to pay for products with better quality and moderate prices;adult diaper machinery

Core Idea 3: Contrary to common knowledge, the adult diaper industry is actually a high-tech industry. The internal driving force of Japan’s diaper industry is the continuous application of new technologies, which brings about the continuous optimization and upgrading of product forms and user experiences. Hangzhou Reliable is a well-deserved leader in the analysis of diaper patents of major domestic brands.

||| Core Discovery 1: The market space of adult diapers is rapidly opening, and the compound annual growth rate far exceeds that of women and baby products.

Through the analysis of industry data, AgeClub found that the market space of adult diaper industry has experienced rapid growth in the past six years.

According to the statistics of China Paper Association, from 2012 to 2017, the market size of adult incontinence products (including diapers, diapers, nursing pads, etc.) in China increased from 2.38 billion yuan in 2012 to 6.29 billion yuan in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 21.5%.adult diaper machinery

Post time: Jan-13-2023